Off the back of significant growth in the US standby power market, global loadbank manufacturer, Crestchic has expanded its fleet of state-of-the-art, 5MW medium voltage containerised loadbanks.

Crestchic’s expansion in the US is owed to its success with recent projects such as ensuring sufficient load on a hydro plant, testing standby equipment at a nuclear power plant and also in certain military applications.

Designed to leave a smaller footprint, the innovative 5 MW medium voltage loadbank was launched to combat some of the challenges that traditional methods of testing medium voltage generators present. Crestchic now operates multiple 5.0MW MV 20ft containerised loadbanks. Each features a specially designed flatbed transformer which is fully integrated into the base of the container and complemented with sophisticated ABB medium voltage switchgear and protection relays to accurately set the voltage control. The loadbank enables testing from 3kV up to 13.8kV, with over 20 voltage taps in between providing the full capacity at not just the default 4.16/13.8kV.

The fully integrated loadbanks are also suited to all weather types due to being packaged within a container. Crestchic’s rationale being that most directly connected medium voltage resistors cannot work in the rain and require elaborate protection by motorised doors on top of the package; an unnecessary complication.

Paul Brickman from Crestchic explains: “If time equals money, then not being able to work in the rain can cost a fortune. Similarly, directly connected medium voltage resistor loadbanks take large crude ‘steps’ which means results in very poor control. Our customers tell us that that directly connected MV resistors are prone to unreliability and can be fickle things to maintain, operate and control.

“What’s more, standard low voltage loadbanks with step-down transformers typically come in the form of two pieces, some containerised, some not, which can require additional transportation and always results in more inter-connecting cable installation. The US has an enormous standby power market and these 5MW containerised loadbanks are well-placed to help companies test their equipment safely and efficiently.”

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