Crestchic’s History

Crestchic performs major MV test on the RRS Sir David Attenborough at Cammell Laird

2020 saw a major milestone for the RRS Sir David Attenborough, as the highly advanced polar research ship had its power systems commissioned and tested ready for launch. To fulfil this requirement, the team used testing equipment from Crestchic.

Datacentre trailer DCT3000 launched

Creating a unique sales proposition for the data centre market, Crestchic launches the DCT3000 – a loadbank mounted on a trailer, which can be easily relocated to multiple points at a client location. Read more here:

New cutting edge control system launched

NOVA AC loadbank control system launched with class leading fibre optic communication system

MV Regenerative loadbanks major contract in Pakistan

Completion of first major contracts in Pakistan with medium voltage regenerative loadbanks at SAPT & PIBT

500RRT loadbank launched at PowerGen USA

500RRT Small resistive-reactive dedicated USA loadbank launched at Powergen International, Florida


European rental fleet gets1500kVArC Capacitive loadbanks

1500kVArC Capacitive loadbanks launched in European rental fleet

Crestchic Singapore relocated

Relocation of Singapore division

Mekta EGN contract worth £1.8M

Crestchic wins £1.8M contract with Metka EGN for major UK frequency response project funded by Gresham House

Crestchic establishes Crestchic Inc in Pennsylvania

Crestchic Limited establishes its US operation in Pennsylvania: Crestchic Inc. :

Crestchic introduces Capacitive load banks

Crestchic unveils its latest addition to the product range – a Capacitive load bank, which operates at a leading power factor.

Service & parts team launches

Crestchic introduces a dedicated service and parts team at its Burton Headquarters.

Crestchic globally unifies as one brand

Crestchic globally unifies as one brand. Rebranding as Crestchic in the Middle East & APAC with a new company wide logo following the acquisition of long term distributor Crestchic Asia Pacific in Singapore.

30th Anniversary

Crestchic celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

Crestchic Founder and MD, Jim Gould sadly dies.

Crestchic Founder and MD, Jim Gould sadly dies.

New 2400m² rental facility opened

New 2400m² rental facility opened in Burton to serve UK and International rental markets.

Crestchic France established

Further expansion in Continental Europe with the establishment of Crestchic France in Paris.

Northbridge acquisition

Business acquired by Northbridge Industrial Services Plc.

Opening of Crestchic GmbH

Increasing rental demand in Germany sees the opening of Crestchic GmbH in Kassel, Germany

Crestchic manufacturer the first “Dynamic” load bank

Crestchic manufacturer the first “Dynamic” Load banks for the Alstom Type 45 Destroyer Electric Ship project utilising packaged multi-voltage AC & DC load banks, alternators, AC motors and invertors.

MoD aircraft support team order

Crestchic secures a MoD aircraft support team order for forty-five 120kVA 400Hz/2000Amps 28vDC combi load banks. This year also sees Crestchic start to package transformers at 2.9MVA & 5.8MVA to cope with increasing demands for multi-megawatt high voltage testing.

Hyundai order

Hyundai places an order for the first of many 20ft containerised resistive/reactive load banks for their Korean shipyard operations. Every other major Korean shipyard will follow with orders over the following years.

Largest single order to date

Sees the completion of Crestchic’s largest single order to date to the Ministry of Defence for The British Army; 137* Def-60 load banks with a contract value in excess of £1.5M.

Hawthorne Power Systems appointed US agent

Jim continues the international expansion with the appointment of Hawthorne Power Systems as our US agent.

Purpose built 22,000²ft premises at Centrum 100

Both manufacturing & rental operations move into a purpose built 22,000²ft premises at Centrum 100, Burton on Trent.

Established a relationship with the Fong Brothers

Jim Gould establishes a relationship with the Fong Brothers in Singapore for rental & sales; with an initial order for four 10ft containerised load banks.

First 20ft ISO containerised load bank sold

First 20ft ISO containerised load bank sold to Wimpy Major Projects Division for Faslane Naval base.

Expansion to additional larger premises in Burton

Expansion to additional larger premises in Burton to cope with growing domestic rental and international sales & the first of many aviation ground power load banks is launched, with the first 400Hz unit sold to Glasgow Airport.

Major contract win

Major contract win with Stewart & Stevenson Houston Texas for seventeen 50kVA resistive-reactive load banks, as Crestchic go international!

Epic sales tour from England to the Middle East

Crestchic Sales embarks on an epic sales tour from England to the Middle East showcasing a 100kW load bank to all along the way. A journey of over 4000 miles in an old Bedford van!

First order from Littlewoods Group

First order from Littlewoods Group in Liverpool to provide four 100kW multi-voltage load banks for its various sites across Merseyside. Rental business starts to make good progress in the UK.

Business Established

1983 – Business established by Jim Gould, Ron Bancroft, David & Jonathan Gould in Burton on Trent, with the sole intention of designing, manufacturing and hiring AC & DC load banks.