For engineering companies like Crestchic – manufacturer and supplier of loadbanks – the skills crisis is far more than a statistic. Sharon Phillpots, Production Manager at Crestchic explains, “We’re reliant on having highly skilled engineers to ensure that we’re able to manufacture, supply and service our equipment. We also firmly believe in product evolution and require a skilled team to deliver the R&D required to deliver against that strategy.”

As the most experienced female engineer, Sharon is Crestchic’s Quality Engineer turned Production Manager. Overseeing a team of 45 people, Sharon works with the local college to encourage young people into engineering, challenge misconceptions and give them hands-on experience. It was there that she met Torrie Lunn, who is now an apprentice on her team and the only other female in an otherwise all-male team.

“To be honest” explains Sharon, “Torrie reminded me of me! At the age of 15, my uncle got me through the doors of the local steelworks for work experience. I spent the week making tea and filing – until one of the team asked me what I wanted to do when I left school. I saw my chance and talked my way onto the shop floor – it was seeing the enormous steel coil being formed punched and pressed that really ignited my passion.”

“Torrie was just like I was – she had her sights set on being an engineer and it was clear she had the determination and passion to do it. She’s doing a great job so far. My advice to anyone considering a career in engineering would be to go for it and believe in yourself.”

As a business, Crestchic is keen to play a part in developing young engineers, working with the local college to help deliver apprenticeship programmes and offer work-experience opportunities, as well as actively recruiting and training apprentices within the business. To find out more about Crestchic product or career opportunities, please get in touch via our contact us page.